Contact Details

For general enquiries please e-mail our chairman Jeremy Bett:-

For commercial and sponsorship enquiries please e-mail our Commercial Director Marc Fooks:-

For enquiries regarding joining the club as a player – please contact the respective Coach below for your age group.




U7 / U8 Boys (Born 01 Sept 2009 or after)

Marc Fooks

U9 Boys (Born 01 Sept 2008 or after)

Pascal Eggerstedt

U10 Boys (Born 01 Sept 2007 or after)

Charlie Fergus / Stuart Williams 

U11 Boys (Born 01 Sept 2006 or after)

Abdulla Seliem

U12 Boys (Born 01 Sept 2005 or after)

Ally MacDonald

U13 Boys (Born 01 Sept 2004 or after)

Alan Groves

U14 Boys (Born 01 Sept 2003 or after)

Jeremy Bett / Steve Perry /

U16 Boys (Born 01 Sept 2001 or after)

Martinez-Arroyo Lopez / Desmond Mensah

U12 Girls (Born 01 Sept 2005 or after)

Jared Rodgers

U14 Girls (Born 01 Sept 2003 or after)

Patrick Dempsey / Ryan Lindborg /

U18 Girls (Born 01 Sept 1999 or after)

Paddy McDaid / Mick Neal

Please note:- We are NOT a professionally operated football club.