More About Abu Dhabi Thistle Football Club

Abu Dhabi Thistle FC was formed in 2006. Its name gives a clue to its Scottish roots with its founders Archie Young and Ally Macdonald being two Scotsmen originating from just outside Glasgow.

Thistle was formed with an emphasis on creating a UK style amateur football club, similar to traditional youth clubs of the UK.

From its early formation of 2 young boys teams it has dramatically developed over the last 10 years into a club of over 200 members (including 3 girls squads), ranging in age from 5 to 18 years old, including almost every nationality that forms the multi-cultural cross-section of Abu Dhabi.

The main ethos of the club is to provide competitive football in a friendly and fun environment and the Thistle are very much established as a prominent participant at all ages in every UAE youth football tournament with its bright red and yellow kits making it easily recognisable at most football gatherings. Thistle’s teams have also represented the club outside of the UAE taking part in tournaments as far stretched as Bahrain, Ireland, Lebanon, Scotland, England and Spain, where in 2011 they enjoyed the experience of a life-time playing against Espanyol and Barcelona FC’s top youth teams.

The 2015-16 season saw the club celebrate its 10th anniversary with several events throughout year, and several league and cup wins to add to an ever growing trophy cabinet. This was followed by another strong year in 2016-17 which saw the club win honors at almost every age group.

The club hopes to continue this huge success into the new 2019-20 season and with facilities available at Abu Dhabi Cricket Stadium we now have some of the best facilities available in Abu Dhabi.