To provide children within Abu Dhabi with competitive football while developing their social skills and helping them make friends. We do this by being open, that we are a competitive Club, by open and honest communication to the players and parents, by having a Code of Conduct for each stakeholder in the Club, and by following the rules laid out by UK Football associations, as if we are running the Club in the UK.

How we operate
ADTFC is run and operated on a volunteer basis. All volunteers already have a full time job. A committee runs the Club, based on a simple structure. A lead coach runs the coaching side. All age group lead coaches will be qualified, or working towards being qualified, and have basic first aid training. ADTFC have basic Club Polices in place by which we operate. Our stakeholders reading and following our Codes of Conduct. We take a one off fee for the year, which is set at the beginning of the football season. The fee is set depending on sponsorship income.

Codes of Conduct
The Club runs as if we were operating in the UK and therefore this requires we have standards of behavior. These standards are outlined in the Codes of Conduct. These are published in our Registration Booklet
We have Codes for
Our management committee
Our coachers
Our register players
And the players parents
This also includes disciplinary and bullying protocols. The Codes act as our standard by which the Club will be judged and viewed by the wider community.